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We develop websites that deliver results.
Give your visitors a unique online experience through funcionality.

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We develop, refine, and execute digital marketing activities that only drive world-class results.

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We provide the management of subsidized programs from the stage of initial submission of the business plan to the final disbursement of the subsidy.

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Vacation Property

High quality services that ensure you maximize your income.

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who we are

We combine design,
thinking and craft.

CK is a creative company that focuses on the needs of businesses in the modern digital world.
For us it is very important to have direct communication with each company or individual we work with, as it is the only way to perform at our best so that you get all you need, every time.

web development

Unique Websites and eShops!

At CK, taking advantage of the most modern tools, we build websites destined to become Leaders in their category for dynamic businesses with clear goals! A modern and neat website is an investment that will last for years and will help you discover the real opportunities that exist on the internet, generating benefits many times its initial cost. So give your website building the importance it really deserves.

Stages of website development.

Choise of style

In the first step of website development, we show you several samples so that you can choose the one you like.

Website development

Once the style has been selected, we proceed to the implementation of your website based on the identity of your business.

Website customization

Now the your website is almost complete. What remains is to enter the information so that our page takes its final form.

Testing & Final product

Now the final step. What's left is to check that everything is works properly according to the project's requirements.

Digital Marketing

We help businesses succeed online.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the first point of contact with any business, small or large.
Potencial clients are engaging with quality content on social networks more than ever and studies show that this trend will increase in the future.
Apart from social netwroks, your bussiness must be easy to find through search engines.

You have to be a part of it, be accessible, be professional.

Build Advanced Things


Subsidized programs.

We provide the management of subsidized programs from the stage of the initial submission of the business plan to the final disbursement of the subsidy with great expertise in the subject.

Property Management

Maximize your potential.

We take care of listing, displaying and managing your accommodation on the most popular booking platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com and related websites. Our services include communicating with guests in accordance with your instructions.

You drastically increase your bookings and revenue. You upgrade your guest’s experience. In the process you also save a lot of valuable time.
We do a continuous market research and competitor analysis. This is how we are able to make unique offers to increase your booking rate.

We provide check-in and check -out services. We can also declare your reservations on Taxisnet and do the cleaning of your accommodation with extra charge.


The online presence you need.

We completely do the design and implementation of your website or eShop, it's optimization so that it is easily accessible through search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) as well as its promotion and advertising.
You can have a look of our work in our portfolio.
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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help digital and
fin-tech companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch UI/UX.